Applications for Fall 2023 Internship Now Closed

Applications for the Fall 2023 intern cohort are now closed. Internship applications will open again next spring, so check back later!

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This internship provides an authentic virtual (and in person when available) career experience, emphasizing problem solving, decision-making and remote collaboration skills, along with an understanding of leadership roles in a professional space. In addition to synchronous meetings with the faculty mentor, students will work directly with research project staff at organizations such as the Center for Healthy Communities and the Center for Regenerative Agriculture. Students will learn about and contribute to the day-to-day operations of these organizations.

We desire to recruit interns who represent our campus diversity in race, ethnicity, experience, age, gender, background, academic and personal interests.


  • Campus: Chico State
  • Status: Semester Internship (3 Units)
  • Time Commitment: 9 hours per week for 16 weeks
  • Salary/Wage: $15/hr.
  • Requirements: At least one class in Statistics, basic proficiency in both Excel and at least one statistical programming language (R preferred).
  • Academic Level: Graduate and Undergraduate
  • Majors: Data-centric majors such as Statistics, Data Science or any majors in areas of Food, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Human Sciences

Example Responsibilities Include:

  • Understand and contribute to the file organization and data flow of current projects
  • Collaborate with other project staff to understand the background information for current grants and projects, what the needs are, and identify data products that can be developed to fit their needs.
  • Assist and support others with programming tasks by writing pieces of, or entire scripts in R
  • Assist with data collection, codebook creation, data management, creating visualizations, exploratory and statistical analysis
  • Create and contribute to data products including reports, manuscripts, websites, and interactive dashboards.

Example Skills Developed During the Internship:

  • Use agile project management tools to maintain a project timeline with deadlines and deliverables, for multiple projects simultaneously
  • Effectively translate tasks given in words (for example at meetings or by email) into tangible tasks that involve code.
  • Gain experience with varying data collection tools such as using Qualtrics and Google forms
  • Improved ability to collaborative work with others on code under version control
  • Improved solution-seeking skills (e.g. finding answers on places like Google, Stack Overflow)
  • Professionally collaborate and communicate within a remote team setting using various communication systems such as email, Zoom, Slack and task boards.
  • Develop, understand and practice how Statistics and Data Science contribute to local and state-wide health programs.
  • Begin to understand the reporting, research and evaluation requirements of grant funded projects

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