Data Skills Workshops

We partner with the Carpentries to teach essential data and computational skills for conducting efficient, open, and reproducible research

Experiential Learning

Through applied research internships we provide career experience emphasizing problem solving, decision-making, collaboration and leadership skills in a professional space.

Student Advising

Academic and Career path advising.

Building Community

Foster an active inclusive diverse community of learners and practitioners.

Curriculum Development

Create a Faculty Learning Community to develop culturally relevant, project-based and data-driven curriculum that incorporates modern data science tools.

Career Connection

Collaborate with Career centers. Organize career panels and seminars / “Ask me anything” job talks.

News and Events

Fall Career Conversations starting in September

on September 2, 2022

Are you interested in careers that use data to make informed decisions in the Food, Agriculture, Natural Resources or Human sciences? Do you want to know how professionals landed their career or what they wished they did during college? Our monthly “Ask me Anything” speaker series kicks off this month with Mariby Cruz - A Chico State Alumni!

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The Root of Data Science

on September 2, 2022

The Root of Data Science Many people may think of data science as a more modern career path. While the history of Big Data is indeed short, the precursors paving the way for this mega enterprise date back thousands of years ago. According to the World Economic Forum, the beginning of early data was marked by the use of tally sticks.

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Women in Data

on August 1, 2022

Women in Data Whether it is in school, the workplace or daily life in general, it is no secret that women are a group whose challenges grow and evolve daily. The obstacles they face are no different in the world of data, where women face major inclusion barriers. A report issued by the 2020 National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT), concluded that in the world of data literacy, women are 57% of the workforce, but hold only 26% of data and analytics jobs.

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Grants and Scholarships

on July 11, 2022

Grants and Scholarships Help Students: Here’s Why When students first apply to college, one major factor that often plays into their decision is whether or not they can afford to attend the university. Luckily, with the help of scholarships and federal grants, many students are able to achieve their goals of attending college.

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Our Partners

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