Our Team

Project Directors

Dr. Robin Donatello Dr. Robin Donatello, DrPH
Chico State
Contact: rdonatello@csuchico.edu
Dr. Robin Donatello was raised in the North State, and currently works at Chico State as an Associate Professor of Statistics, Data Science Initiative Coordinator, and a Research Manager for the Center for Healthy Communities. She is a gamer, gardener, pitbull mamma and currently working on leash training her cat.
Dr. Essia Hamouda Dr. Essia Hamouda, PhD
San Bernardino
Contact: ehamouda@csusb.edu
Dr. Essia Hamouda was born in Tunisia and moved to the USA to pursue an engineering degree. Currently, she is an Associate Professor of Information and Decision Sciences at California State University San Bernardino. During her free time, Essia enjoys traveling, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

Specialty Leads

Stephanie Bianco Stephanie Bianco, MS, RD
Internship Lead
Contact: rdonatello@csuchico.edu
Stephanie was raised in Fresno CA surrounded by fresh food and agriculture. Her roots led her to working as a professional cook in Yosemite for 7 years and to an academic career at UC Davis and Texas A&M (Aggies x 2). She has been a professor/researcher at Chico State and Director of the Center for Healthy Communities for many years supporting low-income families and students across the state.
Dr. Christine Hererra Dr. Christine Hererra, PhD
Pedagogy Specialist
Contact: caherrera@csuchico.edu
Dr. Christine Hererra was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She is Mathematics Education Professor at CSU, Chico, and the Pedagogy Specialist for this project. One fun fact is that her favorite part of her job is spending her summers teaching the LSAMP Summer Calculus Boot Camp. During her free time, Christine enjoys creating mosaic art.

Carpentry Instructors

Carpentry Instructors are the core of our community. Instructors organize and teach Carpentry workshops to spread data literacy and programmatic skills both locally and globally. Members of our Instructor community work together to actively grow their instructional and technical skills.

Supporting Staff

Amanda Kabisch-Herzog Amanda Kabisch-Herzog
Project Assistant
Contact: fanh.analytics@gmail.com
Amanda Kabisch-Herzog was raised in Fairfield, California and assists with day-to-day administrative tasks as a Project Assistant including organization and outreach. She graduated with her bachelor's in Economics along with a minor in Applied Statistics and Certificate in GIS from CSU, Chico. A fun fact is she can name all 58 California counties by memory. In her free time, Amanda enjoys competing with her trivia team.
Student Student Fellow
Undergraduate Student Fellow
Starting Fall 2022